Comfortable, accurate,
and fast COVID-19 tests.

Comfortable, accurate,
and fast COVID-19 tests.

Comfortable, accurate,
and fast COVID-19 tests.

Comfortable, accurate,
and fast COVID-19 tests.

Comfortable, accurate,
and fast COVID-19 tests.

Comfortable, accurate,
and fast COVID-19 tests.

Comfortable, accurate,
and fast COVID-19 tests.


Emerging Data Raises Questions About Antigen Tests and Nasal Swabs

“The New York Times” Study raises doubts about rapid COVID tests’ reliability in early days after infection” STAT Biotech Podcast.


Our PCR tests detect all known variants

PCR testing methods (single individuals or pooled samples) utilized by ShieldT3 are effective in detecting infection by all known COVID variant s including Omicron


Our PCR tests excel in five key areas:


Fast results in under 24 hours, with labs across the country.


Half the cost of swab-based PCR tests.


Ease of collection Saliva-based tests are easy and comfortable to administer—no swabs!


PCR accuracy gives the best-available results; antigen tests are also available.


Dashboard results Dashboard results tailored to fit your needs, including easy report and chart exporting.

Rapid Antigen test available as well

We are your managed service provider for covid-19 testing, helping you meet state and federal mandates

PCR Testing (the GOLD STANDARD of COVID-19 tests)

Simplex saliva-based testing is our high-accuracy 1:1 testing option (no nasal swabs!).

Pooled saliva-based testing combines multiple samples in the lab so more tests can be run at one time––saving time and money.

Self-administered saliva-based option (when a pick-up or drop-off location is preferred).

Rapid Antigen Testing

Our nasal-swab based test is our least expensive and fastest option available. Get results in <20 minutes!

Logistical Support

We offer courier and staff support as needed, depending on your organization’s requirements.

Find out more about how we can customize our testing service to fit your organization’s needs

For a range of work environments

We specialize in manufacturing facilities, warehouse/fulfillment centers, construction/job sites, office/corporate environments, government, and much more.

We offer holistic staff testing services or unobserved testing programs, so you can maximize convenience for your staff and get reports quickly.

For Travel and

Connect families and colleagues in the air, at sea, and on land with Shield T3.

Our rapid tests enable quick reporting for your workforce and customers.

For K–12

We partner with schools and districts, and help manage everything from collection through transporting samples and results reporting, and make sure you’re able to communicate test results and make decisions for your students and staff.

For Universities

We partner with universities for drop-off (unobserved) testing and collection, or we can partner with your existing lab facilities to set up a test site on campus. Keep campus open and operating with Shield T3.

How it works


Our non-invasive PCR saliva tests (no swabs!) are easy to administer and can be collected on site by your staff or ours; we can also provide self-administered options.


After collection at your site, delivery times of samples to our labs range from minutes (for local delivery) to hours (for overnighting with a courier service).


Once samples are received at a lab, we guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time, with most results delivered within 12 hours.


After we conduct the test, our reporting software will deliver the findings via our intuitive dashboard. We work with you to tailor reporting for your organization’s needs.

Our nation-wide network of CLIA-certified labs allows us to provide some of the fastest sample to results turnaround times in the industry.

Our intuitive dashboard provides overall testing statistics, individual results, trends through time, and much more.

Export reports with specific types of data including by test (PCR vs antigen), vaccine status, date ranges, and location.

We are innovation and mission driven.

The science behind our system was created––and continues to be driven by––research at the University of Illinois, ensuring we remain cutting-edge.