Your Partner in Testing

Shield T3 enables informed decision- making to keep your schools safe using:

Innovative, regional mobile labs

Easy-to-administer, saliva-based qPCR tests

A variety of cost- effective pooled testing options

Fast sample processing and informative results dashboard

Our track-record with over 1,000,000 tests processed and counting

Our regional labs are based in mobile testing centers that are deployed semi-permanently. These labs enable Shield T3 to rapidly process the volume of tests needed for nearby schools* at less than $35 per sample processed.

*Testing is also available for schools outside our mobile lab regions.

Our saliva-based tests* are non-invasive and do not require medical personnel to collect samples. This enables each school to create a socially distanced testing process tailored to specific needs.

*Individual and/or pooled samples are tested via a highly accurate qPCR process. Positive samples are double tested to ensure accurate results and very few false positives.

Our pooled testing option allows us to test groups quickly by pooling (or combining) individual samples in a single analysis. If a pooled sample tests positive, the original samples are individually tested and the positive individual is identified.
Once samples arrive at the lab, the turnaround time for results is 6–12 hours, much faster than our competitors, and our intuitive results dashboard* allows you to visualize the data to make informed decisions.

*Individual dashboards will vary depending upon specific needs.

Shield T3 is trusted for pre-K through university students around the country. Our clients include one of the largest school districts in the US serving 45 schools and 38,000 students, 30 youth summer camps, and 75+ education-oriented organizations.

*Our tests works for ages 3 and up.

Shield T3 was created to expand the reach of saliva-based COVID-19 testing pioneered by researchers at the University of Illinois. Our test is an innovative solution for controlling COVID-19 rapidly and affordably. Trust Shield T3 to keep your students in school safely.

Q: How is Shield T3 better than other K12 testing options?

A: Our saliva-based test is easier to administer than swab-based collection methods, and samples are processed via a qPCR process—the gold standard for accurate COVID-19 testing. In addition, T3’s turnaround time is quick: 6 to 12 hours after samples are received at the lab. Finally, our straightforward pricing model does not contain any hidden fees or expensive add-on services.

Q: What is the price per test?

A: Less than $35 per test processed.

Q: Is pooling testing an option?

A: Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Does the Shield T3 test require a medical professional to collect samples?

A: No, our saliva-based tests are non-invasive and do not require medical personnel to collect samples.

Q: Do we need any special refrigeration equipment?

A: No, samples can be stored at room temperature.

Q: How quickly can we expect results?

A: Once samples are collected and arrive at one of our regional labs, you can expect results in 6–12 hours. If you are outside our regional areas, there is additional time required for shipping.

Q: Where are your regional labs?

A: CA: Sunnyvale, Los Angeles; WI: Madison; IL: Springfield, Carbondale, Urbana-Champaign, Normal, Chicago; KY: Georgetown; ME: Orono; Washington, DC

Q: How can I learn more?

A. Please contact us with any additional questions.

Q: How do you ensure student and staff privacy?

A: All of our testing procedures are designed to protect the privacy of our users, and comply with HIPAA and COPPA.

Keep your community safe.

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