SHIELD T3 offers two different service models.


Mobile Lab

Key to our approach is bringing testing capacity to you, eliminating the shipping time required by other solutions. Our 53 ft. trailer fully houses the entire testing process and required staff. With power and water pulled to the lab we can quickly be fully operational. We partner with you to implement a sample collection process to feed the lab. Results available 6-12 hours after specimens arrive at the lab.


  • Fully equipped and staffed CLIA certified molecular laboratories on site
  • Supply chain management to ensure reliable supply of key consumables
  • Results delivered in 6-12 hours vs. 2-3 days conventional testing
  • Enables rapid corrective action to limit spread
  • Requires $500k to kick off and $500k upon launch of the lab. This deposit is earned back via a $10 discount on the first 100,000 tests


Consulting Services

We provide you full equipment and procedures to establish testing at your lab AND we manage the supply chain of consumables, assuring availability and competitive pricing thanks to our bargaining power and volume leverage.


  • Customer owned and operated labs, primarily other universities and foreign entities
  • We share: Lab SOPs, Equipment lists, staffing requirements, etc.
  • Shield T3 partners with you to launch the UIUC testing protocol in your lab
  • Charge per capita for annual authorization to use

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